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Future Plan


Since inception in 1993, RDF is striving hard in the areas of poverty alleviation, capacity building, women empowerment, awareness building on health and family planning, sanitation, Food security, rural electrification, agricultural development with an aim for self reliant of the helpless and distress people of the society so that they themselves can change their fates one day.  The whole work is not only sufficient for real development. So RDF has decided to expand its activities in the following areas for real development of the society.

  • RDF university
  • RDF Medical College & General Hospital
  • RDF Satellite Hospital
  • RDF Resort
  • RDF Old Homes
  • RDF Transport
  • RDF Model Village

RDF University: The precondition of real development of a nation is Education. Only quality education can change the society in a positive direction. In Bangladesh, though the rate of education is increasing day by day, but quality education is not increasing. We are far behind from quality education comparing other developed countries. In Bangladesh, at present, many educational institutions are being established in private sectors. They are establishing the educational institutes at the big cities like Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet, Rajshahi and Khulna. No initiative was seen yet to establish any university other than big cities. The main objective of these private education institutions is to earn profit – their only aim is business; not to provide quality education. RDF being a philanthropic organization cannot sit idle here. So RDF has a plan to establish a University at Barguna for the poor and meritorious students of coastal area with an aim to provide them quality education with a minimum cost. Due to economic hardship, the students of coastal area cannot receive higher education from different public and private universities. Country’s eminent educationist will be the teachers of the university. The University will not mere provide education but also research work will be done there. Future leaders of the country will come out from these educational institutes.

RDF Medical College & General Hospital:  Bangladesh has 160.00 million of population. Though different parameters of health section is increasing, but still now doctor and patient ratio is very negligible. The ratio of Doctor and patient is 1: 3269 whereas the rate of hospital bed is alarming which is for 1,738 persons there is only 01 bed. From this scenario, it is clear that maximum of our population are deprived of treatment because of scarcity of physicians, hospitals etc. Other than Dhaka, Chittagong and big cities, we do not have enough and modern medical facilities. The situation is worse in the rural areas especially at Coastal region. The people of coastal region are so poor that they cannot afford to have good Medicare facilities from Barisal or Dhaka. On the other hand, communication is so bad that sometimes they cannot carry their patient. With this aim in mind, RDF planned to establish quality Medical Colleges and Hospitals at Barguna. The Medical College & Hospital will be run by country’s eminent physicians for providing quality medical services with a low cost.

RDF Satellite Hospital:  The coastal Barguna district has five Upazillas namely Amtali, Bamna, Barguna Sadar, Betagi and Patharghata. Though there is a Health Complex in each Upazilla, but people of the areas do not get proper medical facilities due to scarcity of physicians, medicines, medical equipment. People have to rush to Barisal and even to Dhaka to receive proper treatment. But AILA and SIDR affected vulnerable people cannot afford to go to Barisal or Dhaka for treatment. Following Doctor and patient radio picture will depict scenario of the total Medical facilities available at Coastal area.


Barguna Sadar                   1 : 5360

Bamna                                 1 : 3298

Betagi                                   1 : 5546

Amtali                                 1 : 12221

Patharghata                       1 : 6731

To provide medical facilities to the most vulnerable people of coastal region, RDF, being a philanthropic organization has also a plan to establish satellite hospital so that people will have the access for medical treatment as well as to have these facilities at their affordable price.

Resort: The coastal region has a scenic beauty. Barguna is one of the coastal districts which is very close to the Bay of Bengal. Kuakata is a place from where sun rise and sun set can be viewed very closely. Every year thousands of tourists, donors from INGOs’, UN Mission bodies go there for official purposes and often they visit Kuakata and other beautiful places but having no good accommodation facility they have no other choice to back from there. The coastal regional is very cyclone-prone areas. Soon after cyclone, GoB official, NGO, INGO, UN mission official rush to the coastal region to see the devastation. As there is no standard accommodation, people are reluctant to go to Kuakata. Keeping this in mind, RDF has a plan to build a resort centre at the coastal region with all modern facilities so that people can enjoy their visit/trip. The government of Bangladesh is also working for development of tourism sector by infrastructure development. To supplement the Govt. effort, RDF is planning to mobilize it’s resource in this sector to make our country more beautiful. The resort will be built up for the middle/upper middle/Elite people of the country.

Transport: As we are aware that till to date the coastal region is one of the remotest places in Bangladesh comparing to the other part of the country. Due to the rough communication system many patients and sick people cannot be moved to the hospitals at cities and without having any treatment they are dying. Because when a critical situation arises people of the coastal region have to move towards Barisal or Dhaka to get the proper treatment. Since they are very poor, most of the cases they can’t afford a private vehicle or an ambulance to carry their patients. Every year thousands of people go to Kuakta to see the scenic beauty. The number will go up if transportation facilities are more available. With this aim, RDF is planning to start a transportation system with a very low cost for the poor people of the coastal belt so that they can avail this facility.   

Green Power (Mini Power Grid): RDF is going to launch mini power grid system under Green Power Development Program (GPDP) initiative from solar energy. Under this system, a mini power plant will be installed for 30-40 households and the power plant will run by solar energy. With this system, small group of houses will have the access of electricity. It is a very innovative and modern system of rural electrification to provide electricity facility for the rural poor people living in the off-grid areas. The ultimate objective of this initiative is rural electrification with a minimal cost and supplement GoB effort to adding electricity in the national grid. RDF will provide operations & maintenance support for these plants for 20 years. So it’ll be a trouble-free system for the users. Some features of the mini power grid system are stated below:

  • 24-hours power supply.
  • User can utilize their appliances at any given time as the capacity is available.
  • All loads combined into one system which is economically viable in achieving lower maintenance costs and servicing requirements.
  • Distribution system already used and existing consumer appliances did not need to be replaced.
  • It is environment friendly.
  • As stacked inverters used in the system reliability is assured. Failure of one inverter unit does not cause the whole system to lose power.

Old Home: Once upon a time in Bangladesh people used to live in joint family. But day by day this traditional picture is becoming depleting. After getting education, children start living in their working places leaving their parent alone. Economic hardship is another reason that maximum children do not look after their parents. With the passage of time, people are becoming more busy. They do not have enough time to look after their parents. Overall scenario is, at present the numbers of alone old people are increasing rapidly. There is no one to look after these lonely old people. So the parents are living a very miserable and lonely life. Keeping this in mind, RDF is planning to build an old home for the elderly people at an affordable price where caring nurses and physicians will be there for the lonely old people.

Model Village: Due to the various income generating activities of RDF, people will be self reliant. Awareness on health care, sanitation, legal rights and Disaster Management will help empowerment of women. The women will raise their voices in their communities. They will be self reliant. Gradually the society will be changed. With this aim in mind, RDF future plan is to establish model villages in the coastal region where every members of the village will lead a happy life.




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