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1)      To give value of Beneficiaries

·         Respect the beneficiaries

·         Beneficiaries preference-based program


2)      Women Empowerment

·         Capacity building for income generating

·         Provide technical and financial support

·          Promoting for market linkage

·         Awareness building on healthcare, hygiene & sanitation, legal rights, climate change & disaster management


3)      Rights to Access Information

·         Beneficiaries have every right to check their passbooks with branch-level transactions

·         Beneficiaries have right to know what RDF is doing by their savings


4)      Financial Service Right of the Beneficiaries

·         Beneficiaries have every right to withdraw savings whenever necessary

·         They  have also right to know, ensuring  their safety savings

·         Beneficiaries have right   to take credit for their development and raising income


5)      Quality Financial Service

·         Service to be provide in time

·         Prompt and quick service by RDF

·         Affordable service to be provide


6)      Financial Prudence

·         Cost recovery principle to be followed through service delivery to the beneficiaries

·         Capability to mobilize funds from commercial sources/donors

·         Ensure capacity on financial management, audit and financial control


7)      Good Governance

·         Strategic Vision/Missions: RDF has a strategic vision and mission

·         Responsiveness:
Ensure serving interest of all stakeholders

·         Transparency:
Liberty of information between the organization and stakeholders.

·         Accountability:
Decision-makers are accountable to stakeholders and the organization

·         Compliance:
Strictly follow the directives of Micro-credit Regulatory Authority (MRA)


8)      Social Development Commitment

·         Work with a social mission for poverty alleviation

·         To provide sustainable micro-finance & micro-entrepreneurship services


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