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Portraying Bangladesh where individuals will have the ability to improve socio-economic status, ensure fundamental rights and food security of the common people as well as poverty alleviation in Bangladesh like other developing countries of the world.



·    Facilitating various Income Generating Activities (IGAs’) for distressed poor people including male & female, landless, marginal people, disaster affected and tribal people;


·      Increase the skills of the beneficiaries by providing small & medium scale loan facilities in agriculture, fisheries, livestock and other off-farm activities as well as provide adequate training, dissemination of training material & technology transfer in related sectors;


·    Awareness building and provide adequate support to the beneficiaries in the areas of water sanitation, climate change & disaster management, human rights, good governance and women empowerment, violence against women;


·    Ensuring food security by installing Solar Irrigation Pumping System (SIPS), ensuring rural electrification by Solar Home System (SHS) and building a healthy & eco friendly environment by installing Improved Cooking Stove (ICS) and Biogas plant;


·       Ensuring qualitative change in general, technical and medical education;


·    Establishment of cyclone resilience infrastructure in the country especially in the southern part to face the adverse effect of climate change, tree plantation, diversification of adaptive agricultural pattern and creating awareness to the mass people;


·        To conduct development research and need based training;


·        Providing financial supports in different IGAs’ engaging with various local & foreign scheduled Banks;


·        Ensuring sustainable growth rate of the domestic economy of the country with GoB declarations;


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